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    • Diverse Selection: Source licensed items from multiple premium vendors, all in one convenient marketplace.
    • Exclusive Pricing: Enjoy manufacturer-direct wholesale pricing with zero surcharges.
    • Low Wholesale Minimums: Flexible buying options to suit businesses of all sizes.
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    • Handpicked Suggestions: Let us guide your selections with individualized product recommendations.
    • Attentive Support: Experience unparalleled service from browsing to buying and beyond.
    • Post-Sale Excellence: Our commitment continues post-purchase, ensuring your complete satisfaction.
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    • Streamlined Process: Our platform is designed for ease, making your buying journey efficient and straightforward.
    • Expert Leadership: Benefit from the expertise of a team with decades of experience in licensed merchandise distribution.
    • Join & Thrive: 1000's of retailers can't be wrong. Join our community that values quality and authenticity.
  • Wholesale National Parks T-Shirts

    Explore the fashion-forward designs of American Classic's new licensed wholesale National Parks t-shirts. From the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone to Smoky Mountain National Park, American Classics will make a charitable donation to the NPCA (National Parks Conservation Association) for every sale.

    Stock your Store for a Good Cause 
  • Wholesale Band T-Shirts

    Wholesale Band Tees

    Explore the diverse range of band tees offered by MerchShowroom.com sellers. Each shirt has been meticulously designed to capture iconic album art and the essence of each band. Shop now to ensure seamless access to authentic, licensed merchandise from trusted sellers.

    Shop Wholesale Band Tees 
  • Shop Premium Vendor: Rocksax

    With representation for over 60 musical acts and bands across diverse musical genres, Rocksax offers an expansive wholesale licensed merchandise range that includes fashion accessories, bags, luggage, travel goods, and homewares.

    Shop All Items Sold By Rocksax 
  • We're Helping 1000's of Retailers Grow Their Businesses Every Day!

    Discover why independent retailers retailers like you trust the MerchShowroom.com platform to source quality wholesale licensed merchandise.

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  • Learn How our Manufacturers Maximize Wholesale Sales While Reducing Required Resources on our Platform

    Join our community of top manufacturers and discover how MerchShowroom.com can elevate your brand's wholesale sales while optimizing resource allocation. Explore all the benefits now!

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  • Why Licensed Merchandise Matters... Unlock your Store's Superpowers!

    Explore why licensed merchandise matters for both retailers and customers. Discover the pop culture trends and unique offerings that create loyal shoppers. Be part of one of the most powerful categories in merchandising.

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Did you Know That...

George Lucas famously passed up an additional $500,000 in salary as the director of the original "Star Wars" film in 1977? Instead, he opted for the licensing and merchandising rights. That decision made him a billionaire, as "Star Wars" merchandise has now grossed over $30 billion.

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