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About Daphyls Rockstar Baby Boutique

Daphyls creates and manufacturers licensed baby and toddler products for your little rockstars! With a focus on safety and functionality, paired with music licenses, Daphyls baby products are a perfect match for family and baby retailers.

Featured Licenses

  • Grateful Dead
  • The Beatles
  • Bob Marley
  • Pink Floyd
  • Elvis Presley
  • Pantera
  • Smashing Pumpkins
  • The Who

Daphyls Rockstar Baby Boutique Policies

Wholesale Order Minimum: $150.00

Fulfillment Time: standard fulfillment time (2-7 days) - More info...

Marketplace Policies

Marketplace Policy: Daphyls merchandise is approved for marketplace sales.

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More Daphyls Wholesale Supplier Information

The age-old question of...

What do you get when you mix an 80’s metalhead with a kid of their own
has finally been answered!

Founded in 2012, Daphyl’s was born from an intense desire to bring the best in product combined with best in branding & Rock 'N’ Roll style to the kid’s marketplace. More than a decade later, we have achieved and surpassed our most ambitious goals.

Daphyl’s, a USA based company, now proudly manufactures more than 50 individual SKU’s spanning the full breadth of infant, toddler and kids’ lifestyle gear. Plush toys, bibs, strollers, sippy cups, and sun hats are all part of our rock N’ roll collection of gear. With licensing from The Beatles, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Journey & The King, and more, Daphyl’s has something for every budding Rock Star.

All Daphyl’s products are routinely tested by independent labs and are compliant with the most stringent safety standards as guided by the CPSIA and the FDA. Daphyl’s utilizes GS1 barcodes, and ships domestically FOB from Hackensack NJ.

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