Licensed Manufacturers Increase Sales and Reduce Required Resources with

A Guide for Manufacturers of Licensed Merchandise

In the highly competitive world of licensed merchandise manufacturing, every margin and resource counts. Selling to retailers brings its own set of challenges: low margins coupled with high operational demands. If you're a wholesale manager, CEO, or owner of a merchandising company that produces licensed items like TV, movie, comic, music, anime, or branded retail products, you're probably familiar with the juggling act that comes with it. How do you maximize sales while reducing the drain on internal resources? By partering with, we transform these challenges into manageable, scalable solutions.

The Wholesale Conundrum: Low Margins, High Resources

Wholesale Low Margin - High Resources Graph

Wholesale is a business of numbers, but not just the ones you see on a price tag. While the sales are low-margin, the effort and resources required to facilitate these sales are disproportionately high. The cost isn't just monetary; it's also time, personnel, and attention that could otherwise be focused on higher-margin programs like direct-to-consumer retail, tour or event merchandise sales, or pop-up retail sales.

Introducing Your Complete Wholesale Program in a Box is not just an online wholesale marketplace platform. Conceived by industry veterans, our platform is designed to suit the unique needs of licensed merchandise manufacturers. We provide a "complete wholesale program in a box," covering all the bases, so you don't have to.

What Manufacturers Get:

  1. Aggressive Marketing and Brand Representation:
    Your products won't just sit in a digital catalog, waiting to be found. We actively market your items to thousands of independent retailers—both online and brick-and-mortar. Our focus is on repeat orders and building long-lasting relationships with retailers.
  2. Comprehensive Customer Support:
    Forget about answering countless queries and managing customer relationships; we've got it covered. Our team handles all aspects of customer support, be it presale, during sale, or post-sale, along with fielding sales calls with retailers.
  3. Multiple Payment Options for Retailers:
    Our platform accommodates various payment options and terms to retailers, all without additional risk to you.
  4. Swift and Streamlined Payments:
    Expect your payment directly into your U.S. bank account within 14 days or less of merchandise arrival at the retailer's destination.
  5. Catalog Management:
    Managing your wholesale catalog has never been easier. You never need to "self-service" product listings or other data on our platform (unless you prefer). Simply get us product data (images, line lists and product specs / descriptions). We'll format and set up tech to market your wholesale items.
  6. Tech Integration and Onboarding:
    Our team ensures a smooth onboarding process and continuous tech support for easy integration with your existing systems (or simply ship on our platform via integrated tools).
  7. Customized POs:
    Receive purchase orders in your preferred format, or use our self-service portal to fit your existing fulfillment processes.

Your Team, Your Sales, No Strings Attached

One of the best parts about partnering with is the elimination of the need for a dedicated wholesale account manager. We require just one point of contact within your organization to provide product data and shipment updates. No fuss, no hassle.

To reduce the risks to you, please note that we are not sales representatives. We don't demand any exclusive territory, nor do we add any conditional clauses. Every sale made through our platform counts towards your internal sales numbers.

Unmatched Expertise in Licensing, Distribution, and Wholesale Sales

Our founder has a track record of building a licensed music merchandise wholesale distribution business that catered to a broad range of retailers, from small independents to giants like Hot Topic. This wealth of experience has been channeled into, making it adaptable and flexible to suit the unique needs of licensed merchandise manufacturers.

Lasting Partnerships Built on Reliable Performance

Our core belief is simple: once you experience the services and solutions offered by, you'll never leave. We're here to build long-lasting partnerships that allow you to focus on creating incredible licensed products or chasing higher margin sales.


Navigating the challenging landscape of low-margin wholesale sales requires a robust strategy and strong partnerships. offers manufacturers a one-stop solution to elevate their wholesale program while considerably reducing the operational load. It's not just about making sales; it's about making smarter sales. With, consider your wholesale conundrums solved.