Wholesale Licensed Luggage Lands at Merch Showroom!

Ful Luggage

Merch Showroom, a wholesale distributor and marketplace of premium licensed merchandise, has partnered with Ful Luggage to expand distribution of their premium hard shell luggage and travel items to independent retailers.   

Driven by an established licensing program, Ful Luggage items feature iconic characters from Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Hello Kitty, Barbie, and others.  From complete sets of hard shell luggage, to a single spinner carry-on suitcase, this new collection covers all the travel bases.   In addition to luggage, Ful also manufacturers travel pillows, tote bags, duffle bags and other travel related items. 

 A premium Mickey Mouse luggage set from Ful Luggage

For retailers, the opportunity to buy wholesale luggage at manufacturer-direct wholesale pricing empowers retailers to increase average order value of sales in their retail stores while enjoying favorable margins.   This opportunity is especially appealing to retailers located in cities with large amounts of travel and tourism.   From Nashville and Orlando to Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles, the licensed aspects of the Ful Luggage collection helps the luggage stand out in a crowded product category.   

Star Wars Darth Vader Carry-On Suitcase from Ful Luggage

Pop culture retailers located in areas that enjoy substantial travel and tourism should not underestimate the opportunities available to them by offering licensed luggage in their stores.   Although luggage can take up additional floor space, depending on the location, retailers can gain premium margins on these items.   Including a few carry-on Star Wars or Disney suitcases in a high traffic pop culture store in or near major airports or tourist attractions has proven to be lucrative for retailers across the country.

View the complete Full Luggage wholesale collection today on the Merch Showroom wholesale marketplace.