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Merch Showroom is thrilled to welcome Rocksax, a dynamic manufacturer of officially licensed band merchandise and fashion accessories, to our wholesale marketplace. Rocksax brings a fresh perspective to the world of licensed music merchandise, offering a unique blend of high-quality products, trend-forward designs, and a deep commitment to supporting artists and their fans.


Brand Culture: Where Music Meets Fashion

Model wearing a Rocksax Officially Licensed My Chemical Romance Crossbody BagRocksax goes beyond simply slapping logos onto products. Their brand culture is deeply rooted in music, drawing inspiration from the energy and creativity of musicians and their fans. This translates into bold, statement pieces that celebrate music in a way that resonates with passionate fans. Whether it's a backpack emblazoned with the iconic AC/DC logo or a fashion-forward crossbody bag featuring with the timeless Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon artwork, Rocksax products are wearable tributes to the music and artists we love.

Licenses and Product Categories: Something for Every Fan

Rocksax boasts an impressive portfolio of licenses, spanning across a diverse range of genres, from rock and roll legends like AC/DC and Pink Floyd to contemporary pop stars like Billie Eilish and Machine Gun Kelly.  This allows them to cater to a wide audience of music fans, ensuring there's something for everyone.

Their product range is equally diverse, encompassing a variety of categories to satisfy different needs and styles. From backpacks and wallets to homewares, luggage and furniture, Rocksax offers a comprehensive selection of items that allow fans to express their fandom in a personalized way.

Unique Selling Points: What Makes Rocksax Stand Out?

Several key features set Rocksax apart from other licensed merchandise manufacturers:

    • High-Quality Materials and Construction: Rocksax products are crafted using premium materials and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring durability and lasting appeal. 
    • Trend-Forward Designs: Rocksax stays ahead of the curve by incorporating current fashion trends into their designs, making their products stylish and relevant.
    • Artist Collaboration: Rocksax actively collaborates with artists to develop unique and authentic products that reflect their vision and style.
    • Commitment to Sustainability: Rocksax is committed to sustainable practices and uses recycled materials whenever possible.
    • Ethical Manufacturing: Rocksax partners with ethical manufacturers who prioritize worker safety and fair labor practices.

Must-Have for Retailers: Rocksax in Your Store

If you're a retailer looking to add excitement and variety to your merchandise selection, Rocksax is the perfect partner. Their products are proven to generate strong customer interest and sales, providing an excellent return on investment.

Here are some of the types of stores where Rocksax products will thrive:

    • Music and record stores: As Rocksax specializes in music-related merchandise, music stores are a natural fit. Their products will attract music fans looking for unique and authentic ways to show their fandom.
    • Department stores: Rocksax's wide range of product categories and trendy designs make them ideal for department stores seeking to cater to a diverse customer base.  Rocksax items are currently carried in major retail chains like Hot Topic, Macys, Kohls and others.
    • Gift stores: Rocksax products are perfect gifts for music lovers of all ages, making them a valuable addition to any gift store.
    • Online retailers: Rocksax's eye-catching designs and high-quality products translate well to online platforms, making them a profitable addition to any online store.



Bringing Music to Life: The Future of Licensed Fashion Accessories

Rocksax represents a new wave of licensed fashion accessories that prioritize quality, design, and ethical production. Their commitment to music and artists is evident in every product they create, making them a valuable partner for retailers who want to offer their customers something truly special.

Merch Showroom is excited to welcome Rocksax to our wholesale marketplace and to provide retailers with access to their unique products. We believe that Rocksax is an amazing supplement to any retail store due to their unique valuable licensing categories of products that are sure to resonate with music and pop culture fans everywhere.

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